Muddyboots was started by me, Erica Marshall. My original vision was to guide new hikers by reviewing trails and giving local hiking advice, but as I started getting more involved in photography my time and energy pulled me towards that.  As a result I became the owner of the Photography_Beginners yahoogroup in 2005 and in 2007 I started a blog to provide information to a wider audience.  I also offered an online, at your own pace style Manual Mode course which is still available when I have time to teach it.

Free photography advice:

My blog

My Photography_Beginners mailing list -this list went the way of most Yahoogroups and is now mostly dead.

My Photography:

My photos can be seen on Flickr.  If you'd like to license any of my images, please see this webpage for more info, or contact me with any questions you may have.  Due to misuse I no longer grant free licenses and will take action on unlicensed use.

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My email address is my first name at muddyboots dot org.

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