Muddyboots was started by me, Erica Marshall, as I started getting more involved in online photography communities and grew to love teaching people about different aspects of photography.

I became the owner of the Photography_Beginners yahoogroup in 2005 and my love for teaching photography has only grown since then.  In 2007 I decided to start writing the advice that I had been giving on the mailing list for so long in blog form for a wider audience if not for making my life easier by allowing me to send links rather than writing up the same explanation every time a particular question was asked.  

As I got positive feedback from the blog and mailing list, I soon realized that there was a need for lessons on Manual Mode as well.  After the first hurdle of actually coming up with a structure and the text for Manual Mode lessons, I found for the first time that my write-ups were unsuccessful for many students.  After a lot of thought and re-working of the lessons, I think I discovered that the basic problem with learning Manual Mode through reading was that it takes more "doing" than "reading" to really learn it.  In the end I've found the most successful way of teaching Manual Mode to be an "at your own pace" email correspondence-type course which I have set up and do by request for anyone who's interested.  The amount of my time that's necessary for these lessons, however, means that I cannot provide them for free.  So, the cost of this course is $99.  (More info about the course is below.)

Free photography advice:

My blog

My Photography_Beginners mailing list

Manual Mode Course:

I'm always willing to help beginning photographers learn how to use their cameras for free on this blog or on my yahoogroup, but if you want to get on the fast track to understanding how to use Manual Mode on your camera, then I invite you to sign up for my $25 DIY Manual Mode course.

The course covers ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture all seperately and then puts them all together to teach you how to use Manual Mode. At a steady pace, the course takes around a month to complete. There are about 18 lessons in all, each lesson has only one or two pages of text (with pictures) to read and most lessons have exercises that go along with them. The course is designed to teach you one thing at a time and have you put it into practice before moving on to the next step. This structure ensures you don't get overwhelmed with the material or think you've learned the material, then get tripped up when you pick up your camera and try to apply it.  For these reasons, I recommend you complete all of the lessons in order.

I've dropped the price and made this Manual Mode Course DIY, but as always I'm available by email privately or on my beginner photographer yahoogroup for any questions you may have or to discuss any of the exercises.

The cost of the course is now only $25 and payment is usually taken via PayPal.

My Photography:

My photos can be seen on Flickr.

I will usually provide a Creative Commons license by request for any of my photos on Flickr for non-commercial use.  When granted, this type of license allows them to be used for free for personal use (as computer wallpaper).  See this webpage for more info, or contact me with any questions you may have about how they may or may not be used for free, or the cost of using them commercially.

I do sell prints as well, if you're interested in a print, please contact me about that as well.

Product Photography:

I enjoy doing product photography and charge very affordable rates for small businesses.  If you're interested in my services contact me for information and rates.  

Contact Info:
My email address is my first name at muddyboots dot org.

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The majority of my work in teaching photography is done for free through the mailing list and my blog.  I give this advice for free because I think art is important as a creative outlet and photography is one of the most accessible forms of art available to people.  Your support truly means the world to me.
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