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My name is Erica Marshall, I'm a thirty-something year old hobbyist photographer who's currently in the middle of a career change.  I went to college after high school and got an Associate's in Biology only to enter the IT field and climb the ladder from Best Buy PC Tech to working as a certified Windows System Administrator which I did for 6 years.  

After losing my job in IT and being unable to find a new one with the economy as it is, I got sick of watching daytime TV and waiting for the phone to ring, so I started volunteering at a spay/neuter clinic that's run out of an animal shelter near my home.  There I re-discovered my passion for animals and biology and I'm now going back to school to become a Veterinary Technician (aka "Vet Tech", but in plain English it's basically a nurse for pets).  

Until I get my degree, I feel very grateful to have my photography income which helps to bridge the enormous gap between what I was paid before as a Sys Admin to what I'm being paid now as a minimum wage employee of the shelter.  

Contact Info: 

My email address is my first name at muddyboots.org:                        (that's Eee-are-eye-sea-ay@muddyboots.org).